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GMB Scotland has today (Thursday 15 February) demanded that North Lanarkshire Council bosses urgently recalculate and reward the pensions of hundreds of women affected by the equal pay scandal [...]
GMB Scotland has today (Thursday 15 February) said the re-opening of a construction giant’s assembly line in Renfrewshire has been ‘badly tainted’ by it’s move to undercut existing staff through the hiring of agency contractors [...]
GMB Scotland has today (Wednesday 14 February) hailed a landmark appeal against the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), hastening the end of a ‘kangaroo court’ within the regulatory body’s disciplinary procedures which has ruined the livelihoods of hundreds of care workers [...]
GMB Scotland has today (Tuesday 13 March) said that there is ‘still hope’ for troubled fabrication firm BiFab but that ‘time is of the essence’ to deliver critical investment and contracts that would save hundreds of jobs [...]
GMB Scotland has today (Monday 12 February) notified Fife Council leaders that it will start fresh legal proceedings against the local authority over the non-payment of equal pay settlements for over sixty workers [...]
GMB Scotland has today (Tuesday 30 January) warned the Scottish Government that proposals to reform the management of schools could pile further pressure on the working conditions of non-teacher staff. [...]
GMB Scotland has today (Thursday 25 January) slammed a decision by the local health and social care partnership to impose detrimental contractual changes on local home care staff [...]
GMB Scotland has warmly welcomed a decision by Glasgow City Council to not seek leave to appeal the UK Supreme Court over its job evaluation scheme, clearing the way for negotiations to finally settle thousands of long standing equal pay claims [...]
GMB Calls For ‘Recognition And Respect’ From Scottish Government Over Local Government Pay [...]
This morning Glasgow City Council (GCC) has been denied its request to appeal the Court of Session decision over job evaluation on Equal Pay [...]

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National News
  • GMB Condems 4,000 Centrica Job Cuts
    Iain Conn must immediately learn from the failure of other, now departed, battlefield generals that you cannot cut your way out of a crisis - GMB will fight these unnecessary job cuts. […]